Micron Adds Value-Minded BX100 and Enthusiast MX200 To Micron SSD Family – CES 2015 Update

As much as we have seen some great products n CES this year, a definite rivalry in the area of SSDs is evident between SanDisk and Micron, one that will most definitely be changing the bar when it comes to value in SSD prices.

Crucial SSD CES2015 MX SSD

Only a few days back, we posted of the SanDisk SSD Plus, a new SSD aimed directly at the new SSD consumer, and this morning at CES, Micron not only equals that with their new BX100 line, but also, they up it by also including the Crucial BX100 512 and 1TB SSDs.

Crucial SSD CES2015 BX SSD

The BX100 is a SATA 3 notebook entry SSD and is based on the ever popular SMI 2246EN controller, while the MX200 still relies on Marvell designs.  Both have a 3 year warranty. Performance for both the BX100 and MX100 can be seen in this slide:

Crucial SSD CES2015 Performance Slide

Value?  Take a look at this chart below and look at the 512GB price point of $199 MSRP…  Let the price wars heat up!

Crucial SSD CES2015 Price Slide

Not only do both drives have great performance and value though, Micron was also very proud to display some of the best endurance numbers many might see for competing consumer class SSDs both of the based on their newest 16nm class process of course:

Crucial SSD CES2015 Endurance SlideCrucial was also more than happy to throw in power ratings for both SSDs:

Crucial SSD CES2015 EfficiencySlide

Last but not least, Crucial is also announcing the newest Crucial Storage Executive which is an all new and fully functional Toolbox for their M500 and newer solid state drive family.

Crucial SSD CES2015 Storage Executive Slide

Many may not be aware, but Crucial was the first and is definitely at the forefront of pushing SSD prices down for the consumer, while at the same time providing a very high caliber SSD.  In fact…if I think back more than a few years, they were actually the first company to market a SATA 3 SSD and almost a year before any other manufacturer.

Crucial SSD CES2015 SSDs Featured

Both the BX100 and MX200 will be available very shortly and stay tuned for our reviews!

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    Will need to widen the margin between bx100 and mx200, I expect the bx100 to be even cheaper than the slides let on. After all this is still 2d nand, and the only thing bx100 will have is cheapest cost per GB .. hmm 110-120gbp for 0.5TB sounds about right?

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