Memoright Shows FTM Plus Slim and Military-Class SSDs – Storage Visions 2012 Post Update

Memoright is one of the first to introduce solid state drives at the consumer level and we did reviews of their early introductions in 2008.

We are happy to see that they have expanded to North America and were fortunate to catch up with them at this years Storage Visions 2012, Las Vegas.

Showcasing a number of SSDs, Memoright has something for just about every segment of the SSD marketplace.

It would be just as common to see their products in the latest laptop as it would to see them in  cutting edge devices within the latest drones in the high-tech battlefields! This is the type of diversification of products that Memoright specializes in.

Let’s start with the FTM Plus Slim, a 7mm version of their very popular FTM SSD. Designed for easy integration into laptops and ultrabooks, this SSD is sure to become very popular.  It features a SATA III 6Gb/s interface and delivers speeds of 550/500 MB/s Read/Write speeds. Below we can see both the 9mm to the left, and the 7mm version to the right.

Memoright also has an expanding line of MSATA devices for the portable devices, with 240GB devices coming soon.

blankAlso on display was some very interesting ruggedized GT Series SSDs. These are the type of SSDs that are used in military products.  Although they could neither confirm or deny that this exact type of SSD was used on the US drone that was recently taken in Iran, they are certainly of the same class.

Designed to be extremely rugged and to offer data protection in any range of application, be it wide temperature extremes, humidity, fungus, salt fog, rust testing, vibration and shock, these devices adhere to the U.S. MIL-STD-810F/G specification, which is the gold standard of ruggedized testing.

Perhaps one of its top features is the Erase/Destroy modes that are used to delete data if the drive is captured. There are ‘Normal’ and ‘Quick Erase’ functions, along with ‘Destroy’ and ‘Military Purge’. These are they types of functions that would activate if the devices are tampered with or stolen. In the case of the US Military drone that was recently captured, a remote signal or some type of automated system onboard could trigger these secure erase mechanisms, rendering the onboard data useless in seconds.

Even if the device fell into the wrong hands before it could be secure erased, there is a high level of encryption that would be almost impossible to crack. It is great to know that this level of sophistication is used in these types of devices, especially when recently the drone fell into Iranian hands.

The next time a tank, drone or battleship heads out to war, its likely the devices below are being utilized onboard.

blankWith the experience that Memoright has in all sectors of the SSD arena, we will be sure to see many new and exciting products coming from them as the year progresses!

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