Marvell Partners With MemoRight To Enhance SSD Offerings

Marvell Technology (US-based) has reportedly invested in Memoright (Taiwan-based) to enhance its SSD offerings to include firmware, this according to a Digitimes story.  This alliance w0uld allow Marvell to couple its SSD controllers with Memoright’s firmware technology, and let Marvell offer a more complete SSD solution to its customers and clients.

The SSD controller IC market is currently dominated by Marvell and LSI (US-based) to the tune of 70% of market share.  LSI provides controllers that include firmware; whereas Marvell’s controllers had previously required SSD suppliers to write their own firmware.  This had resulted in complications in marketing its controllers to potential SSD partners, especially those without their own firmware-writing capabilities.


Marvell also provides eMMC controllers utilized in smartphones and tablets, and Memoright will write firmware solutions for these as well.  The remaining 30% of the SSD controller market includes other players such as JMicron Technology, Phison Electronics, and Silicon Motion Technology.  JMicron specializes in SSDs for industrial use; while Phison is a supplier for ultrabook vendors.

This strategic alliance should not only broaden Marvell’s customer base, but should also enhance its pricing position.  This alliance should be a win/win for them and their customers!

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