Marvell Demonstrates Eldora NVMe Controller at 3.1GB/s – Computex 2016 Update

In the past few days at Comptex 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan, we have seen that both Plextor and ADATA have implemented the newest Marvell NVMe Controller and it seems to be the front runner when considering the alternative choices from both MSI and Phison.

Marvell Eldora 88SS1093 NVMe SSD Controller in System

With a codename of ‘Eldora’ this controller has the product number of 88SS1093 and, at least when in use by consumer solutions, reaches transfer speed highs of 2.4GB/s read and about 1.4GB/s write.  IOPS appears to be somewhere in the area of 280,000 IOPS.

Marvell Eldora NVMe SSD Controller PCB Front

The 88SS1093 controller is an 8 channel solution and can accommodate up to 2TB of storage presently for enterprise applications, or 1TB for consumer.  It features 3rd Gen LDPC technology for increased reliability and an endurance boost.  It can also accomodate 14nm TLC/MLC/SLC, along with 3D NAND.

Marvell Eldora 88SS1093 NVMe Controller PCB Back

This particular SSD, on display at Marvell, is a Lite-On configuration for enterprise and is of a 22110 form factor, meaning that the M.2 PCB is 110mm in length.  Unlike most SSDs, we can also see the addition of power capacitors to this SSD.  What is particularly encouraging with updated performance specs of this controller, however, is that it can reach transfer speeds of 3.1GB/s and 1.5GB/s, along with 400,000IOPS.

Marvel Eldora NVMe SSD Controller performance Max_Fotor

The encouraging news with this performance, of course, is that there is alot of room for performance improvement between now and the release date for both ADATA and Plextor SSDs containing this controller.

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