Marvell Announces 88SS1074 SATA 6Gb/s SSD Controller Supporting 15nm TLC NAND Flash

Marvell Technology Group, Ltd., a leading producer of NAND flash controllers and other semiconductor devices, is announcing its 5th generation of SATA 6Gb/s solid-state drive (SSD) controllers.  Marvell’s 88SS1074 SATA SSD controller features Marvell’s 3rd generation NANDEdgeTMerror correction, and low-density parity check (LPDC) technology, and embraces the use of 15nm triple-level cell (TLC) NAND flash memory in either consumer or enterprise SSDs.  The 88SS1074 SATA SSD controller markedly improves total storage system costs, while delivering superior performance and lowered power consumption.


With continuing miniaturization and die shrinks of NAND technology, and with continuing migration away from MLC NAND to TLC NAND, the SSD market’s ongoing expansion will require unparalleled performance and ever-lower power consumption.  The 88SS1074 consumes less power than current existing NAND controllers on the market, and Marvell continues to raise the industry standard by leading the adoption of TLC NAND via differentiated SSD controller options.


According to Wieli Dai, President and Co-Founder of Marvell, “As the inventor of a wide range of leading storage technologies, we are very proud of our innovation, leadership, and contribution to the advancement of the storage industry.  I am thrilled to see our highly differentiated and advanced LDPC technology continue to raise the performance bar of robust storage solutions.  I believe our efforts will enable top global OEMs and partners to accelerate the deployment of the fast growing SSD market.  I am very thankful for our dedicated and innovative engineering teams for once again delivering game-changer storage solutions.  At Marvell, it is our pride and long term commitment to invest in the most innovative technologies to serve the storage industry and offer the most reliable and secure cloud solutions.  Our mission is to drive innovation for better lives for all in the new era of  ‘Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle’.”

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In comparison to existing error-correction technology, NANDEdge provides more than three times the level of error correction capability, and is compatible with SLC, MLC, and TLC NAND, all the way down to 15nm process architecture.  NANDEdge helps the 88SS1074 controller deliver superior performance, while providing uncompromised endurance and reliability.  The 88SS1074 is presently in sampling with select customers.  The Marvell press release announcing the 88SS1074 SSD controller can be viewed in its entirety here.

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    this.. I was thinking of buying Samsung 840 Evo.. but I bet in some months samsung may will announce new series of SSD with 15nm.. well let’s see.

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