Mach Xtreme Technology Announces Postage-Stamp-Sized SATA DOM SSDs

Mach Xtreme Technology, a global producer of innovative PC components, is announcing its new DIY series of SATAII SSD.  The tiny-as-a-postage-stamp MX-DIY SATAII DOM (disk-on-module) offers energy efficiency and robust performance, and elminates the need for a SATA data cable.

SATA DOM series

MX Technology’s new DIY series of SSD creates a new standard for compact-sized boot drives.  At 1/10th the size and 1/10th the weight of a standard 2.5″ form factor SSD, the disk-on-modules can handle a wide range of storage tasks, including booting an operating system, application hosting, caching, data logging, and as a fast backup solution.  The miniscule DIY series of SSDs will be offered in either vertical or horizontal orientation, expanding motherboard and chassis compatibility.


Available in capacities of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, the stated performance of the MX-DIY SSDs vary by capacity.  The 8GB model is rated at 85 MB/s reads and 20 MB/s writes.  The 16GB model is rated a 180 MB/s reads and 45 MB/s writes; with the 32GB version achieving 220 MB/s reads along with the 45 MB/s writes.  Top performance in this series is achieved by the 64GB version, at 220 MB/s reads and 80 MB/s writes.  Power consumption is stated as a miserly 1.2W or less.


The MX-DIY SATA DOM SSDs feature MLC NAND, driverless installation, and support both hot-plugging and TRIM.  The vertical orientation version is a mere 25.28mm X 39.54mm x 6.8mm, while weighing a mere 6.5g.  The horizontal version is even smaller, at 21.5mm X 29.5mm x 10.0mm, and weighs only 4.5g.  All models are covered by a two-year warranty and Mach Xtreme’s superior after-the-sale support.  The product page for the MX-DIY SATAII DOM SSDs can be viewed here.

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