LSI Announces DataBolt Technology to Accelerate Datacenter Performance

LSI Corporation is announcing its new DataBolt technology for bandwidth optimization in datacenter applications.  This unique performance acceleration feature for LSI’s 12 GB/s SAS products is designed to allow users to take advantage of 12 GB/s speeds with their existing 6 GB/s drive infrastructure.

This technology will deliver up to a 2X increase in throughput performance  for 6 GB/s systems.  It features support for both 6 GB/s and 3 GB/s HDDs and SSDs.

The need for a higher-performance interface in cloud and enterprise datacenters is experiencing a growth explosion, as users seek to rapidly access critical applications data.  LSI’s 12 GB/s SAS solutions help address this challenge by doubling the performance of current 6 GB/s SAS components.  With the advent of PCIe 3.0, LSI’s new technology helps unlock the full potential of PCIe 3.0’s increased bandwidth; especially with solid state storage solutions.

According to Benjamin Woo, program vice president of IDC’s Worldwide Storage Systems Research, “The market adoption of 12 GB/s SAS systems begins with availability of individual ecosystem components like SAS controllers and expanders.”  “Technology like LSI’s DataBolt feature that enables early access to 12 GB/s SAS performance will help pave the way for a smooth technology transition.”

LSI was to demonstrate this leading 12 GB/s SAS server storage performance utilizing their DataBolt bandwidth optimizer technology at the SCSI Trade Association (STA) Technology Showcase on 5/9/2012 at the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, California.  The demo consists of a PCIe 3.0 based server with LSI 12 GB/s SAS HBAs connected to multiple 12 GB/s SAS enclosures.  The drive enclosures were to house a mix of 6 GB/s and 3 Gb/s HDDs and SSDs, and utilize LSI’s 12 GB/s SAS expanders featuring the LSI DataBolt technology to achieve significant throughput and IOPs performance improvements compared to an end-to-end 6 GB/s SAS storage system.

LSI’s 12 GB/s SAS products are currently sampling for validation with OEM customers, with general availability  expected in Q$ of 2012.  The complete press release is available here.


  1. I take it you meant Q4 of 2012 – of course, there’s the expectation that initial costs will be high, so kudos for the numeric pun.

  2. blank

    im just disapointed that the old sata drives with sata connector wont be able to use on SAS port neans i gotta upgrade all of my drives lol.

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