LSI and Sandforce Partnership Shown In EXCLUSIVE Consumer PCIe SSD First Shots

The SSD Review has acquired somewhat of a unique opportunity, in that, a prototype PCIe solid state drive is being developed and is definitely one of the first first to highlight the LSI & SandForce partnership

The SSD is NOT of LSI manufacture, not the OCZ Velo or WarpDrive, is not released and we are certain that this is the first published shot to date.

In an effort to facilitate discussion, the full picture is available on Our SSD Forum.

An initial look at the picture depicts 4 x SF-1222 processors, Micron 25nm 29F64G08CBAAA MLC NAND flash memory along with an LSI XXXX chip which is covered by the typical LSI heatsink.

Not only do we think this may be a first for a consumer prototype PCIe solution that utilizes both both LSI and SandForce components, but also, we think this just may be a great example of LSI’s custom capability as they spoke of in their most recent press release .

By all means, jump on the forums and participate in the discussion.  Maybe you can be the one to identify the mystery LSI chip and company who just might be the first to incorporate such into their consumer  SSD lineup!

Good luck and who knows?  We just may leak out further details if the attention calls for it!

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