The Datacentric Era Keynote With LSI CEO Abhi Talwalkar – LSI AIS 2013 Update

Earlier this morning at Accelerating Innovation Summit (AIS) 2013, LSI President and CEO Abhi Talwalkar presented his vision of “The Datacentric World” which primarily focused on instant retrieval of information and real-time analytics.

A few examples to illustrate the point came from the video, such as the ability to instantly dispatch first-responders in case of an emergency, or to decipher a catastrophe so quickly that it prevents as much damage from occurring as possible. On top of all this also comes the need for personal data protection against fraud and identity theft.



The concept was based around three areas, the first being instant retrieval. Through expanding hard-drive, flash solid-state technology, and faster non-volatile memory (DRAM), the significant innovation and expansion in speed and performance is progressing LSI’s dream into a reality – capped off by their brand new SandForce SF3700 FPU.

DSCF0431 DSCF0432


Next up is interlinked data objects, notably network attached storage (NAS), direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area network (SAN), scale-out DAS, and pooled storage. Big data on Hadoop is a prime example of SoD and pooled storage, which revolves around breaking-out data sets. Heavily used in IT and hyperscale environments (cloud storage infrastructure for example), the overall formula allows extremely fast analyzation of large data sets:

DSCF0457 DSCF0460 DSCF0461

Finally the last part of the vision is scalability; specifically static, configurable, and programmable. The underlying principle is flexibility which would allow servers to do everything from individual tasks, manual and static workloads with the ability to change server configurations based on needs, and a modular infrastructure allowing for easy and efficient data access. A great example was medical analytics – a network between doctors, allowing for simple sharing and contributing towards patient data and needs.

DSCF0463 DSCF0464



Talwalkar stressed that this would all take place within (and become the future for) datacenters. To drive home that point he noted two examples in FaceBook’s graphed search engine that allows users to find people quickly without thinking twice; the second hit closer to home with San Francisco based Climate Corporation. Recently acquired by Monsanto, CC has expanded into big data quite significantly through billions of soil samples gathered from a plethora of farmers, in turn offering insurance based off weather data thanks to the exact technology Abhi and LSI are promoting at LSI AIS 2013.



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