LiteOn Shows Off 2TB 2.5″ SATA and 1TB M.2 Enterprise SSDs – FMS 2014 Update

From the many things we have seen at FMS this year, we were surprised to see two things from LiteOn. One being their 1TB P1P M.2 form factor enterprise drive and the other being their 2TB 7mm 2.5″ N9S drive.

LiteOn N9S 2TB Test BenchLiteOn 2TB Disassemble

At the booth was a demo set up showing off over 5,500MB/s speeds in I/O meter with fifteen 2TB N9S drives. We were so excited to see the 2TB drives that we had them shut down their demo server just to take one apart for us to see!

LiteOn N9S Engineering Sample LiteOn N9S 7MM

Inside we find it is a 16 NAND package design using Toshiba NAND, a Marvell 9187 controller, and Hynix DRAM. Specifications state that the N9S is able to reach 400/360MB/s for sequential read/write speeds and up to 75,000/11,000 random 4KB read/write IOPS. Power loss protection is optional and it is rated for under one DWPD.

LiteOn enterprise

In contrast, their more performance oriented NAS model SSD is rated for 480/400MB/s for sequential read/write speeds and up to 70,000/22,000 random 4KB read/write IOPS. It comes with power loss protection by default, is rated for under 5 DWPD, and comes in capacities ranging from 100GB-800GB.

LiteOn N9S 2TB PCB

Furthermore, not only do the the N9S and NAS drives come in a 2.5″ form factor, they are available in a 1.8″ form factor as well.

LiteOn P1P

The P1P drive is very similar to the Plextor M6e as in it able to work as a boot-able OS drive no issue in any system. It has built in supercapacitors for power loss protection, offers end-to-end data protection, and it is PCIe Gen 2.0 x2. Performance wise, it offers up to 610/520MB/s sequential read/write speeds and 95,000/15,000 random 4KB read/write IOPS. The P1P will be available Q3 2014.


Finally, we see three client based drives called the V2S, V3S, and L9S. The V2S is a value oriented product and the V3S is their mainstream client grade SSD. They offer low power consumption, the V2S comes in capacities ranging from 128GB-512GB and the V3S will come in capacities ranging from 128GB-1TB. These drives will be available by the end of Q3 this year. The L9S is their high performance client grade drive offering up to 94,000/79,000 random read/write IOPS. Capacities are available from 64GB-512GB and they are available now.


The SSD Review would like to thank Toshiba and Avant Technology for their support in our participation at the Flash Memory Summit 2014.



  1. blank

    Hmm, isn’t Marvell *87 only good for 1TB ?
    How the hell did they manage to adress more than that ?

    • blank

      I’m not sure I have read anything that said it was limited to 1TB. But it is 100% the Marvell 9187 controller. I just verified it with them now.

      • blank

        Well, it can only do 1GB of DRAM and thats usually enough to adress 1TB. Guess they must be doing some tricks (since sequential speeds aren’t that great).

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