Kupa Tablet To Offer 128GB SSD and Windows 7 GUI

So I am getting ready to head off to CES and guess what comes across my e-mail?  The Kupa X11 tablet?

Kupa, a company I had never heard of as I am sure most others haven’t, is going to highlight their new tablet this year at CES and I dare say that even the biggest tablet manufacturer will be taking a close look at this.

Powered by Intel Oaktrail 1.5Ghz CPU, Win 7, 2GB RAM, a 64GB or 128GB SSD and a 10.1″ LED screen, a tablet has finally caught my eye!

Ranging from $699 to $969 MSRP, the Kupa X11 may be a bit pricey for those looking for the value oriented tablet but the X11’s components seem to open up so many doors above typical consumer use.  It speaks of a ten hour battery life, 2 second resume from sleep, 30 day stand bye, 1080P video playback with a one year warranty, free shipping and a 15 day ‘no questions asked’ return or exchange policy.

Kupa’s website can be found here and is very well laid out with specifications of the three versions as well as examples of the X11 at play.  If you happen to see us at CES, you just might see us with the X11 in our hands and doing some real world testing.


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    Looks and sounds good and I do not find that price out of line at all. The Samsung and Asus are both well over $1000 USD.

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    LOL “Kupa” means poo in polish;)

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