Kingston V200 SATA 3 SSD Release Intended For Value Minded Consumers

Kingston today announced the release of their updated V200 series, an SSD family that traditionally relied on the JMicron controller.  We have been anticipating this upgrade from Kingston for some time now as we first spotted the SATA 3  JMicron at Computex, Taipei this past June.

The V200 is available as a standalone SSD, or with a migration kit, in sizes of 64, 128 or 256GB.  The V200, of course comes with a 3 year warranty and Kingstons 24/7 support.

The specifications for the V200 detail it as a SATA 3 SSD with performance of 300MB/s read and 230MB/s write for the 256GB version which is unlike the speeds of any SATA 3 controllers we have seen to date, thus forming our belief that Kingston will rely upon the JMicron for this family of SSDs as they have in the past.  Performance of the 128GB version is 300MB/s read and 190MB/s write and the 64GB doesn’t rise above SATA 2 speeds at 260MB/s read and 190MB/s write.

Pricing of the V200 is $131, $216 and 481$, consecutively and the migration kit will bump each price up less than $15 on top of that.

The only hiccup in this whole equation is that JMicron does not list any SATA 3 controller in their product line which may mean we will see this SATA 3 controller under a more familiar name such as Toshiba as has occurred previously.


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    I bought a 128g v200 and it is slow than my toshiba 2.5″ 5400 rpm 640g that I plan to replace it.

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