Kingston Announces KC310 960GB Business-Class SSD

Kingston Digital, Inc., which is Kingston Technology Company, Inc.’s Flash memory division and a world-leading producer of memory devices, is announcing the 960GB KC310 solid-state drive (SSD), making it Kingston’s largest-capacity business-class SSD. The KC310 represents a bona fide HDD replacement, with the large capacity required to store more data and/or applications. The KC310 features Phison’s PS3110-S10 NAND controller, which delivers superior SATA 6GB/s performance with high read and write speeds, as well as high IOPS.

KC310 front on viewThe KC310 is great for entry-level server usage and datacenter hosts seeking more storage. The KC310 delivers end-to-end data protection via Kingston’s Advanced SmartECC and Flash error code correction. In the event of an error, the data is able to be rebuilt, thus extending the reliability and durability of the NAND. Firmware-based power loss protection also helps maintain data integrity, with data being constantly moved to NAND to reduce the amount of time that data spends in the cache.

Kingston KC310 bannerAccording to Ariel Perez, Kingston’s SSD business manager, “Kingston is proud to add this drive to our line of business SSDs for users who want or need nearly 1TB in storage. Corporate customers looking to upgrade client systems will also find KC310 ideal for entry-level servers with its combination of read/write speeds, IOPS, high capacity and advanced data protection.”

KC310 angled with cableKingston’s KC310 960GB SSD delivers sequential read speeds of (up to) 550MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 520MB/s. Maximum 4K read speeds are stated as (up to) 99,000 IOPS, with maximum 4K write speeds of (up to) 89,000 IOPS. Random 4K read speeds are stated as (up to) 96,000 IOPS, with random 4K write speeds of (up to) 88,000 IOPS.

Phison PS3110-S10 NAND controllerBuilt on the standard 2.5” form factor, the KC310’s power consumption is stated as 0.54W at idle, and 0.67W average. Maximum read power consumption is stated as 1.66W, with maximum write power consumption stated as 3.26W. The KC310 also supports S.M.A.R.T. drive performance and health monitoring attributes, as well as supporting the TRIM function with TRIM-compatible operating systems. Mean time between failures (MTBF) is stated as 1,000,000 hours, and Kingston is backing the KC310 with a three-year warranty.

KC310 bundleThe KC310 is available as either a standalone drive, or as an “upgrade bundle”.  The bundle includes the KC310, a 2.5″ USB enlcosure, a 3.5″ bracket with mounting screws, SATA power and data cables, HDD cloning software and installation DVD, and a 7mm to 9.5mm adapter.

kingston-logoPricing and availability of the KC310 960GB SSD have not yet been announced. You can visit the KC310 product page at Kingston’s website here; and you can view the Kingston press release announcing the KC310 in its entirety here.

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