Kingston 64GB Wi-Drive Review – A PC Users Solution To Mac Storage


Setup of the Wi-Drive is very simple.  The user can leave the network open but, by going into settings, they are able to name the network, choose options with respect to visibility, choose the wireless channel, security type and create a password.  Once this is done, simply pressing the button on the side of the Wi-Drive will start the drive and the network is ready to go when the blue wi-fi light is flashing.

All Wi-Drive Apps are free and creating folders is easily done while the unit is connected to the PC.  In this instance, we have created folders for data, movies, music and pictures.  The picture on the left depicts the Setup screen and shows the folders while, on the right, we have chosen the music folder:

A quick click on the pictures will bring up a high resolution image.  Last but not least, we have chosen to display the Pictures folder with our favorite toys as seen on the IPADs retina display.  All movies and pictures can, of course, be viewed in full screen display of the device being used.


The Kingston Wi-Drive isn’t the typical SSD that one might see here at the TSSDR but nevertheless it is made possible only through the use of flash technology. As much as I find time to play with it, I can create, edit, save, send and print word documents, create, edit and publish site articles, work with PDF files, as well as a number of other things whereas before, it may have been possible somewhat, but only through my trusting of the cloud for what may be rather work sensitive matters.

As well, while traveling which I seem to be doing all too frequently these days (next stop Seoul, South Korea), I can bring my own media with me and actually share full access to my Wi-Drive to trusted companions during those long flights.  The Kingston Wi-Drive has become too valuable to overlook and is most definitely one of my technology favorites!

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  1. can’t seem to get our kingston wi drive 32 to bridge. waiting on device to recharge, any ideas? The biggest thing is, when looking at pictures or videos, it doesn’t use the kindle fire hdx 8.9 camera app. So now what? Again, any thoughts?

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