Intel Adds Capacity and Lowers Prices on Entire Retail SSD Family

Intel announced today that it will be adding a capacity to it’s 330 Series of ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ SSDs, as well as significantly lowering prices and their entire SSD line.

With respect to the Intel 330 SSD family, popularity of this family has been such that they felt adding a new 240GB capacity SSD would make a good fit for today’s computer environment.  This is not the best news, however.

Following recent trends, Intel is lowering the prices on their entire SSD family and, depending on the drive you seek, some of these prices might just be enough to get you to make that big jump into the SSD arena.

Prices to distributors are expected to be 14-38% lower for the 520 Series family, 10-18% for the 320 Series family and 10-18% for the 330 Series.  Of course, we can’t predict how retailers might use this to their advantage but, if anyone hasn’t noticed as of yet, SSD prices are dropping!



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    Fernando Martinez

    What about the C0 & AE bugs?!

  2. blank

    Who makes Intel’s PCBs used in their SSDs?

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