Intel Adds Acronis Data Migration To Attract SSD Buyers

It was only a matter of time before manufacturers realized that they might attract a great many more buyers if they could make the transition process from hard drive to SSD easier.


We were in the middle of working up a review on the Imation M-Class 128Gb SSD which, coincidentally, comes with an external USB adapter and a copy of Acronis True Image to simple clone your system and switch drives, when Intel sent us a link to remind us of one of their recent releases.

It is the new Intel Data Migration Tool and is a proprietary copy of Acronis True Image which can be used to migrate from a hard drive to Intel SSD. For those acquainted with Acronis, the tool will look very familiar but for those new to cloning rest assured, this is a very simple program to follow. It seems to be another tool in the toolbox to assist with Intels anticipated new offering of their X25 G3 SSDs this coming February (or so we are led to believe once again).

Now that your feeling a bit more comfortable with the upcoming transition to the Intel SSD, we should best advise that your not out of the woods quite yet. Our advise is to read up on your future purchase in order to understand this technology and make the best decision possible. There have been many people dissappointed in the end result of cloning drives because the SSD works in a totally different fashion than the hard drive. Countless numbers have cloned from IDE mode and realized this wasn’t ideal for the SSD or, much more basic yet, in cloning from a system that did not use TRIM, they realized that TRIM wasn’t automatically set up in the new system with the SSD, a utility that is absolutely necessary for the SSD.

The best advise one can offer to a new SSD owner is to first take an hour or so to learn about the technology followed by a fresh installation to ensure your SSD is running as it should be and capable of remaining so for many years.  For those new to SSDs, The SSD Review has a Beginners Guide, Buyers Guide, reviews as well as Optimization Guides which explain the background to important optimizations as well as the directions if one chooses to follow them. The SSD Optimization Guide is enhanced and supported by a very popular and detailed Windows 7 (or Vista if thats your choice) Optimization Guide that will provide a very comfortable transition to the SSD.

Best in SSDs!

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