Intel 310 mini-PCIe 80GB SSD First Tests!!!

It wasn’t 2 hours ago that I received a call from DHL stating that they had received a rush package from Intel I might be interested in.

It hasn’t been 10 minutes since I tested the Intel 310 Series Mini PCIe SSD for the first time.

The internets first tests (I think) can be seen in our Benchmarks Forum here.


This is the worlds smallest Mini-PCie consumer installable SSD and, as seen below, its a pretty amazing feat when perched atop of the worlds fastest consumer SSD which posts speeds above 740MB/s.

We were halfway through our review of the OCZ RevoDrive x2 100GB PCIe SSD when this delivery came about and couldn’t resist this picture to show just how small the worlds smallest SSD is. I guess a big welcome is deserved for Intels newest release, the Intel 310 series 80GB Mini-PCIe SSD.

Stay tuned in the next few days for detailed reviews on both and don’t forget to check out our forums for the Crystal performance benchmarks on this little baby! Its a pint sized X25m and then some!


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    Amazing! pretty soon our pc will fit in the palm of our hand , just need to figure out how to carry the 30 inch screen lol

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    I purchased a new Dell M4500 laptop recently, and upgraded the system by adding an Intel 310 80GB SSD, and re-imaging the system so the OS and major applications run on the SSD. It has provided me with a significant performance improvement with large programs like Photoshop. The drive’s WEI score is 75, and the overall score is now 66, constrained by the NVIDIA 1800 video chip. I am VERY impressed with this drive.

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      I am in the same boat as you..
      I just purchased a Intel 310 80GB SSD..
      And I got a Dell Precision M4500, i7 Q720 Quad core running Win 7 Pro 64bit.

      Do you happen to have some instructions for installing the SSD and moving the OS to the SSD?
      Thank you.

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    I’m currently considering one of these for my Precision but am concerned about Microsoft wanting more money for re imaging my origional boot drive.

    Any thoughts?


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    Someone knows if this model works on Dell XPS 14 ultrabook?

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