Intel 1500 Pro M.2 SSD Debuts With Another Unknown Intel M.2 SSD Variant – Storage Visions 2014 Update

The world got its first look at Intel’s new 1500 Pro M.2 SSD today at Storage Visions, along with another Intel SSD with definite unknown origins.   The 1500 Pro story is relatively new with this SSD being designed as a client solution for business.  It will be available in capacities of 80-480GB and has performance specs of 540MB/s throughput and up to 80K IOPS.

Intel 1500 Pro M.2 SSD Front

This SSD is LSI SandForce Driven and is run by the LSI SandForce SF-2281 Rev B flash controller for low power consumption.

INtel 1500 Pro M.2 SSD Back

As well, we happened to find yet another similar Intel M.2 SSD near the 1500 Pro, one that was void of identification and contained an LSI/Intel controller with newer branding.

Intel Unknown M.2 SSD

A closer look at the controller provides a product number of BF29AS41BBO and this controller has been seen elsewhere in the Intel retail 530 Series SSDs; an SSD that provides performance relatively close to what one might believe to be a SF-2281 flash controller.

Intel Controller Featured

This is the first time we have seen an LSI controller void of the LSI SandForce trademark and perhaps this may be a sign of things to come.

Intel Unknown M.2 SSD Back


  1. blank

    That just looks like the M.2 version of Intel SSD 530. The controller is SF-2281 rev B and we’ve seen non-LSI branded controllers before too (e.g. Toshiba).

    • blank

      Kristian my friend…you were in our conversations here! Agreed, however, we haven’t seen similar with Intel IMHO.

    • blank

      Agreed … just havent seen that controller as such except for on the notebook 530, although i could be wrong as it has been a long day. Kristian…you were in our discussions today as many of the gang is here! best to you.

  2. blank

    So for the uninformed buyer, who needs one of these 42mm beasts to run his laptop (which, unlike the product specs claimed, cannot use mSATA), where and when is it possible to acquire one of those 120gb 42mm M.2 chips I’ve been dreaming about for nearly a year now? I can’t find them for sale anywhere…

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