Imation M-Class 128Gb SSD & Upgrade Kit Arrives

It seems we were having so much fun with all the SandForce and OWC news today that we forgot to check the mail. It was a pleasant surprise to find that an Imation 128Gb M-Class SSD with a bonus USB case and migration kit had arrived for review. Right from the outset, I have to admit that I have always liked the appearance of the Imation SSD. It displays workmanship.


I have had the urge to get right to the review but am just about to take off for the weekend so I thought I would do a bit of digging into the drive.  First and foremost, I was a bit surprised that the standard warranty provided by Imation is 5 years vice the standard 3. That was certainly a step in the right direction. I opened the box expecting to find the USB case but was again surprised to find, not only detailed migration instructions, but also a copy of Acronis True Image HD for the migration. That certainly wasn’t expected!

My next venture was to run directly to NewEgg to see what kind of a price they had on the drive. Is that right? The 128Gb drive, with the upgrade kit and Acronis True Image is only $199 which makes it the lowest SSD on NewEgg with a pricepoint of $1.55/Gb.  Let me get this right now… You get the drive, Acronis True Image HD, and the Migration Kit with the USB case for only $199? Maybe I am missing something here but that just seems like a great deal for someone moving into the world of ssds, wanting an easy transfer solution and decent capacity.

NewEgg Canadablank even shows this as $199blank which is a great deal for us Canucks.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to this review!

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  1. blank

    I hope You have everything right 😉

    This is a great news, and as a consultant engineer, devoted to industrial quality control integration, based on image analyzes (since 1979, with computer knowledge since 1976 !)i think i will test one of these beast !

    But you know, we have to be very careful about the products we integrate, because the first, and most important thing, is the RELIABILITY, not the price !.

    Thanks for Your info, and Imation has always accepted as good stuff to us!


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