Greenliant Announces NANDrive Embedded SSDs – Advancing Flexibility And Innovation

Greenliant, well known for their power efficient SSDs targeted at industrial and embedded applications, has announced the release of their NANDrive line at Embedded World. Initially available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities, NANDrive is one of the world’s smallest SSDs, weighing in at 14mm x 24mm x 1.95mm.

NANDrive will be offered in a 145 BGA package, is resistant to shock and vibration, and will reliably operate at temperatures between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius.

NANDrive products will include several extra features, including advanced security which consists of a unique device ID, password protection, and up to four independent zones, each of which can be set to a different protection level. This means multiple users can share a device without the risk of anyone stepping outside their paygrade. Very useful for agencies that deal with national security, especially in the wake of budget cuts.

Also mentioned is data integrity protection. This is a firmware level feature which deals with NAND data retention issues and also serves to protect data integrity during a power loss, which should come in handy during any impending cyber attacks on the power grid.

Additionally, Greenliant discusses wear leveling, which is implemented through static and dynamic algorithms and helps ensure the drive’s useful life will be extended considerably. This will be valuable for automotive, industrial, and military applications, not to mention when your government disavows any knowledge of your existence, leaving you stranded and unable to procure a new means of storing your data.

Embedded components are always very interesting, as they can be used in a variety of different products, many of which will no doubt be entirely unique entries. In many cases, these will take their place as indispensable devices targeted at very specific markets with specialized needs. Indeed, when it comes to embedded applications, the possibilities really are endless. Examples can stem from the latest high tech spy gadget to a controller which helps manage hydraulics at a factory.

Some other intriguing usage scenarios include military UAV’s, electric cars, bleeding edge robots, and of course, numerous space based applications, which look set to reap some of the greatest benefits from SSDs. Truly, SSDs, in their many forms, look set to take over the world and beyond in what has become a massive branching out the likes of which is rarely seen when it comes to the computer industry. I, for one, welcome our new solid state overlords, and the promises of higher capacity and lower prices they bring with them.

Look for more SSD related product announcements as Embedded World 2012 rolls on……….

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