Gigabyte on Verge of Introducing first mSATA Capable Motherboard

Gigabyte introduced it new line of Z68 motherboards capable of ssd caching with Intels Smart Response technology but their upcoming release in June will be of particular interest.

It seems that Gigabyte is pushing to be the first to release a motherboard with mSATA capabilities to take advantage of Intels Larson Creek slc SSDs.

We have to wonder whether this integrated mSATA interface is capable of allowing us to hook up an mSATA drive up as a boot drive as well. Now that would be particularly interesting!  Heres the release!

Taipei, Taiwan, May 11th 2011 “ GIGABYTE INC., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today launched their highly anticipated Z68 series motherboards, based on the Intel® Z68 Express Chipset and supporting the new 2nd generation Intel® Core processors.

Delivering the very best that Intel® 6 series chipsets have to offer, including a significant performance boost with Intel® Smart Response Technology, the first ever mSATA drive connectors on a standard desktop PC motherboard,and GIGABYTE’s proprietary Touch BIOS technology, GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards put users in the driver seat, allowing them to take total control over how their system operates and performs to best match their individual computing needs.

11 models are available now, with more than 9 additional models, including at least 4 mSATA versions, to be introduced in June, 2011.

“GIGABYTE is excited to introduce a complete range of Z68 Express Chipset enabled motherboards that deliver exceptional performance and a multitude of unique features like Touch BIOS and onboard mSATA that help them stand out from the crowd,” commented Richard Chen, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at GIGABYTE. ” Intel has really raised the bar with the performance potential and rich feature set of the Z68 chipset, and as such, we fully expect the Z68 chipset to be the number one choice for users wanting to build their next Intel 6 series-based system.”

“We are very pleased to see the exciting new lineup of GIGABYTE motherboards based on the Intel® Z68 Express Chipset,” said Zane Ball, Intel General Manager of Desktop Platforms. “These high quality boards will enable users to unleash the full performance and features of our 2nd generation Intel® Core Processors.”

Integrated Graphics Options with onboard mSATA “ coming soon
Z68XP-UD3 Z68XP-D3 Z68AP-D3 Z68P-DS3

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