SanDisk Adds Powerful X210 To Their Business SATA SSD Lineup – Flash Memory Summit 2013 Update

SanDisk Corporation, a world leading provider of flash memory storage, is announcing the addition of the SanDisk X210 SSD to its lineup of SATA business SSD offerings.  the X210 is an exceptionally fast and power-efficient SSD that is a great solution for maximizing data center performance, or to enhance the responsiveness of business PCs and notebooks.  The new X210 will be marketed through the SanDisk Commercial Business Channel.


SanDisk’s X210 is optimized for business usage by prioritizing fast and consistent access to data; including search engine, cloud storage and streaming media providers.  By utilizing the X210 in smaller servers and data centers, highly responsive and sustainable performance is achieved, and I/O bottlenecks are significantly reduced.

SanDisk X210 full size

The 2.5″ form factor X210 also integrates quite easily into business PCs and notebooks, and can significantly increase the performance and responsiveness of these workplace computing devices.  Boot-up times are reduced and data transfer speeds are improved, resulting in faster and more enjoyable performance with large applications and multi-media usage scenarios.


According to Tarun Loomba, vice president of Storage Solutions marketing for SanDisk, “Since launching SanDisk’s commercial SSD channel earlier this year, we have received a tremendous response from businesses that have seen significant advantages from incorporating SanDisk solid-state technology into the data center and workplace PCs and notebooks.  Leveraging SanDisk’s most advanced flash memory technology and smart power-saving capabilities, the X210 SSD is an exceptionally fast and cost-effective storage solution for this growing market, and a great addition to our SanDisk SSD portfolio.”


The SanDisk X210 will be available in capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB; and achieves sequential read and write speeds of up to 550 MB/s and up to 470 MB/s, respectively.  Random read IOPS are stated as 89,000 and random write IOPS as 60,000.  It is built on SanDisk’s 19nm architecture manufacturing process technology.  The X210 also features automated power management, including DEVSLP (device sleep) capability, which gives mobile computing device users a strong performance boost without sacrificing battery life.

The SanDisk press release for the X210 can be viewed in its entirety here.

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