First-Generation Seagate Momentus XT For a Low Low $89

Waiting until Christmas, or Boxing Day for a hard-drive bargain? The folks over at Seagate bring it to you two weeks early.

The first-generation Momentus XT is on a massive $50 discount via Newegg using the promo code EMCJHJE23 during checkout, with an additional $10 instant discount, for a grand total of $89.99!

Seagate recently released the second-generation Momentus XT  Hybrid Drive which we have ripped apart and is on the bench now for testing.

If it is anything like the first-generation drives, consumers looking for the best of both worlds in massive storage space and SSD-like speeds will be pleasantly surprised.  Stay tune as we  provide our detailed analysis of 750Gb second-generation Momentus XT Hybrid within the next week.

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