Examining The SSD Industry – Evolution and Progress

There are many companies marketing solid state storage products today. The landscape is broadening, yet we continue to see consolidation.

Who are the players today and who will be around in ten years?

Stay tuned in upcoming days as our follow up articles shed a bit of light on today’s SSD companies, focus on the business models of some, and maybe even suggest reasoning for their survival or demise.

For now though and to start things off, lets agree on some basic supplier fundamentals, of which there seem to be three fundamental components:

  1. Flash Memory – What are the benefits of Owning the Fab?
  2. Processor or Controller – A Look at Its Design and Manufacture.
  3. Firmware, Development Capability and License.

There are many companies marketing SSDs that don’t employ any of the prior components, however have carved out a niche in today’s SSD arena.  These organizations are high-volume technology integrators and those who private-label, leveraging established brand and market.  Many of these companies have done extremely well in their own right.

In years to come, the solid state industry will grow rapidly as will companies carving out their own piece of the SSD pie. Upcoming articles will focus on the “needle movers”, those that will be leaders in their respective markets and command market-share.

Next up…we will start our journey with the big boys, the semiconductor companies that ‘Own The Fab’ and have the power to affect end product pricing more than most would believe.


  1. Evolution and Progress
  2. Benefits of Owning The Fab
  3. Researching The Controller or Processor


blankWayne Eisenburg served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing Communications at SMART Modular Technology from April 2002 until his retirement in 2011 and held other sales management roles at SMART since 1995.

Wayne has also held various positions at other high technology companies including Toshiba America CSD, GRiD Systems and Harris Corporation.

He holds a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in Business Administration from California State University at Chico.

Wayne has extensive experience in worldwide sales and international business development, an impressive record of achievement, and has lead sales in all customer segments “ OEM, Channel, and Enterprise “ and, has market and relationship successes in telecom, networking, storage, computing, industrial, and defense/aerospace.


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