Current SSD Projects On The Go

Every now and then, it’s nice to give a bit of a heads up as to what we are working on behind the scenes at The SSD Review as it may be a good measure of articles yet to come.

Having started in the SSD field back in 2007, it’s easy to say that the ‘fun’ I have playing with the gear is equaled, and maybe even surpassed, by the people, companies, travel and even our readers that make early morning testing well worth it.

For now though, lets discuss what we just may be working on starting with that great cover shot of what could be an Intel advertisement. This picture comes to us from the Middle East where we are helping to put together and benchmark a new system for a large oil company.  In the picture, there are 32 Intel 520 240GB SSDs along with  5 Intel RS25DB080 RAID controllers.  What we are not seeing, at this point in time, are two additional Intel 520 480GB SSDs and a recently announced Sandy-Bridge-based Dual-Xeon server.


This hit our test bench in Wichita, Kansas, last Thursday and we hoped to have the review complete and published this week. Were we mistaken?!? What we didn’t expect was that the cards characteristics and absolutely amazing benchmarks mandated our pushing it’s performance much further and stretching out our review by a few pages.  Stay tuned because we hope to have it out in the next week and we guarantee it will be well worth the read.  This is the condition of this $3859 Intel 910 PCIe SSD as we speak!


We picked this up from Fedex no less than three hours ago and it is being tested as we speak!  We’re not going to give the goods away on this one quite yet but, we were able to pull off some great incompressible write performance of 538MB/s from this ‘SandForce Driven’ card!

blankAll in all, we hope you enjoyed the quick peak of things to come and hope you return for our ful reports in the next week or so. Let’s take a bit closer look at those Intel SSDs and RAID cards now shall we? A quick click on any of these pictures will bring up some great high res shots.


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    Mmm, my favorite kind of p0rn

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    Any chance you guys are working of a CacheCade 2.0 update using the LSISAS2208 chip?

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