Crucial Announces New Version of Storage Executive SSD Software Tool – Computex 2015 Update

Crucial, a world-leading provider of memory and storage devices, is announcing significant updates to its SSD “toolbox” called Storage Executive. The newest version (3.20) adds Momentum Cache, which is an intelligent caching feature that is able to improve burst performance by up to 10X, also extending an SSDs lifespan by reducing redundant write operations. Momentum Cache utilizes idle RAM for caching on an as-needed basis, and can be easily installed using the latest version of Storage Executive.

Crucial momentum cache depictionAccording to Johnathan Weech, storage marketing manager at Crucial, “We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of solid state storage. Software that optimizes performance and keeps Crucial SSDs running efficiently is another example of how we make upgrading easy.”

Crucial momentum cache screenshotAs well as adding Momentum Cache, Crucial’s Storage Executive also gives users the ability to update their SSD to the latest firmware version, manage overprovisioning,  reset their drive’s encryption password, monitor the drive’s health and temperature, and easily be able to see how much storage is used/available.

Crucial momentum cache CDMCrucial Storage Executive Version 3.20 can be downloaded here, and is compatible with Windows 7 and newer Microsoft operating systems. It is compatible with the following Crucial SSD models: M500, M550, MX100, MX200, and BX100.

Crucial momentum cache AS SSDThe equivalent version of Storage Executive is also available here for owners of Micron consumers SSDs.



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