Crucial Announces BX300 SSD – Value-Oriented Yet Featuring 3D MLC NAND

Crucial is announcing the release of their latest SSD offering, designated as the BX300.  Crucial has designed the BX300 as a value-conscious offering for builders and upgraders, but goes one better than other value-oriented drives by utilizing 3D MLC NAND (most other value offerings utilize TLC NAND).

Crucial BX300 banner1Crucial supports the BX300 with a mobile-friendly install guide.  This allows users of all technical abilities to facilitate installation of their new SSD with straightforward and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Also included is free access to Acronis® True Image™ data migration software to simplify upgrading from an HDD (or other SSD) to your new BX300.

Crucial BX300 mainAccording to Jonathan Weech, worldwide product manager for Crucial, “We’re excited to share the next evolution of the BX family with our customers.  The BX300 is a simple-to-use SSD for the everyday consumer and DIYer who’s looking to easily boot up and load apps faster.  With its speed, efficiency, and easy install process, the decision to replace on old hard drive has never been easier.  As a brand of Micron, one of the largest flash storage manufacturers in the world, the new Crucial BX300 SSDs will help consumers extend the life of the older computers with best-in-class quality and innovation.”

Crucial BX300 with laptopThe BX300 is being offered in capacities of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB, all in the 2.5” x 7mm form factor.  Crucial has combined their latest 3D MLC NAND with Silicon Motion’s SM2258 controller, enabling sequential read speeds of up to 555MB/s, and sequential write speeds of up to 510MB/s (all capacities).  Random 4K read speeds vary by capacity, with the 120GB rated for up to 45,000 IOPS, the 240GB for up to 84,000 IOPS, and the 480GB for up to 95,000 IOPS.  All capacities are rated for random 4K write speeds of up to 90,000 IOPS. Crucial is backing the BX300 with a three-year limited warranty.

Crucial BX300 capacitiesCrucial has the BX300 available for purchase today.  It is listed on their website at $59.99 for the 120GB model, $89.99 for the 240GB model, and $149.99 for the 480GB version.  For more information, you can view the BX300 product page here.

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    Thank goodness! Maybe the race to the bottom is over? Crucial with a entry level MLC drive, I think I must be dreaming. About time someone has been listening to the enthusiasts. Thanks again give us more MLC!

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    SSDs just got interesting again. MLC MLC MLC MLC.

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