Corsair Announces Marvell Controlled SATA 3 SSD At CES

Quick note and a Team shot as we just returned from the Corsair ‘Invite Only’ Press release at the Venetian as part of CES in Las Vegas today.

Corsair announced the release of a new SSD based on the Marvell 9174 controller as their entry to the SATA 3 entry line. It is expected to be released prior to March with advertised speeds of 480MB/s read and 320MB/s write making this the second announcement of the new Marvell 9174 chip yet today.

The release was concluded with questions from the floor to which any future plans with SandForce was raised up as they have had such a successful partnership in the past. A ‘no comment’ was quickly returned, however, we wouldn’t count the teaming of the Corsair and the new SF-2000 as well as a PCIe announcement sometime in the near future to be out of the question just yet.

If Corsair were to release separate drives with both the Marvell and much anticipated SF-2000 processor in the near future, this could be a very smart business move as it would allow Corsair lovers a much varied selection of speed at its best!!

Heading back out to another meeting but thought we might throw in a shot of the Corsair Team!


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