Corsair Announces Expansion of Force LS Series of SSDs – 480GB and 960GB Capacities Now Available

Corsair, a global producer of high-performance PC hardware components, is announcing the expansion of the Force LS series of solid-state drives (SSDs) to include 480GB and 960GB capacity versions. The Force LS series of SSDs in all capacities offer consumers a cost-effective upgrade path for their notebook or desktop PCs to more reliable and faster solid-state storage.

Corsair Force LS 480GB and 960GB duoThe Force Series LS SSDs are built on the standard 2.5” x 7mm form factor, and can be readily installed in most notebook or desktop PCs that have a standard 2.5” or 3.5” drive bay (3.5” requires optional adapter). Corsair also includes a free download of their powerful Corsair SSD Toolbox software for drive configuration, maintenance and monitoring with the purchase of any Corsair SSD.

Corsair SSD ToolboxThe Force LS Series of SSDs utilize the SATA 6GB/s interface and MLC NAND to achieve sequential read speeds of (up to) 560MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 540MB/s. The Force LS Series enable the TRIM command where supported by the operating system, as well as garbage collection and S.M.A.R.T. drive performance and health monitoring attributes. Also included are advanced dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms to help extend the flash memory’s life span.

Force LS 480GB front viewForce LS 960GB front view

Corsair is estimating that the Force Series LS 480GB will sell for an average price of $189.99, and the 960GB will sell for an average price of $379.99. All capacities of the Force Series LS SSDs are backed by a three-year warranty. You can view the product page for the 480GB version here, and the 960GB version here. The press release announcing these two new capacities can be viewed in its entirety here.



  1. blank

    Does anyone know why Corsair is the most refurbished recertified ssd on Newegg? I can count at least 7 different models in the 200GB class alone. What’s going on?

    • blank

      I’ve noticed that too and if you visit the forums on their site they also seem to have more confusion regarding firmware support than most other manufacturers.
      My question is: Are we going to be entering their S8/S9 controller lottery with these like with the 60/120GB LS models?

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