Corsair Announces Accelerator Series SSD Cache Drives

The trend toward SSD caching solutions continues with Corsair’s announcement of availability of its Accelerator series of solid-state cache drives. Corsair is advertising the Accelerator series as an easy and affordable way to boost your PC system performance by up to 5 times!

The Accelerator series of cache SSDs  support Windows 7 operating systems with support for Windows 8 already planned.  Though these are SATA 2 drives, they are compatible with either SATA 2 or SATA 3 ports. The Accelerator series are available in unformatted capacities of 30GB, 45GB, and 60GB and the these 3GB/s drives are built on a standard 2.5″ form factor.

The Accelerator features premium Dataplex caching software from NVELO, for improved boot times and lightning-quick file access and works in conjunction with your existing hard drive to provide optimized performance.  As with other caching solutions, the most frequently accessed programs and files utilize the SSD; and the lesser-used programs and files store on and access from the HDD.

Continued use lets the Dataplex software ‘learn’ what your usage patterns are and move files and programs accordingly. Easy to install, the Accelerator series require no drive mapping, no operating system or applications re-installation, and no complex file management.

blankThi La, Corsair’s Vice President of Memory Products, says “The newly available Accelerator Series SSD cache drives are some of the most cost-effective solutions for boosting PC performance without the complexity of drive swaps and reconfiguration.

They are ideal for PC users and enthusiasts who want to improve their computer’s speed without the hassle and expense of a full system upgrade.”

The 45GB and 60GB versions are rated at 280 MB/s sequential read speeds and 260 MB/s write speeds.  The 30GB version is slightly less at 270 MB/s sequential read and 240 MB/s sequential write speeds.  These cache drives are backed by Corsair’s three-year warranty; and are already available through authorized retailers and distributors.

The suggested U.S. retail prices are $69 for the 30GB, $84 for the 45 GB, and $99 for the 60GB.  These prices represent a very low entry point into the SSD experience!  The full press release is available here  and the Corsair Accelerator series product page is available here.

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