BIWIN Announces Business-Grade C8636 SSD With Power Loss And Power Surge Protection

BIWIN, a global leader in NAND flash memory technology, is announcing a new business-grade SSD dubbed the C8636, which utilizes unique power loss protections.  The C8636 utilizes a power supply detection chip to offer real-time monitoring.  If the voltage is detected to be below 4V, the firmware of the SSD immediately becomes guarded, effectively avoiding any serious damage caused by the power loss or fluctuation that might otherwise result in a system crash or an unreadable disk.

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BIWIN uses an advanced Tantalum capacitor in the C8636, resulting in an operational life of up to 25 years, and better stability in working environments up to 70 degrees Celsius.  A unique self-healing function allows the Tantalum capacitor to automatically repair itself.  The Tantalum capacitor is also beneficial in that it eliminates high-frequency harmonics.

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The BIWIN C8636 utilizes MLC synchronous NAND flash memory, and connects via a standard SATAIII (6 GB/s) interface.  It comes in capacities of 60Gb, 120GB, 240Gb and 480GB.  As measured by ATTO benchmarking software, the C8636 attains sequential read speeds of up to 559 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 532 MB/s.  The mean time  between failures (MTBF) is stated as 2,000,000 hours.  Testing includes over 6000 sudden power shutdowns to confirm reliability.


The C8636 is compatible with Windows operating systems (7, Vista, XP, 2003) and with Linux (Fedora14).  It comes in a standard 2.5″ X 9mm form factor. Power consumption is indicated as a maximum of 0.5W (idle) and 3.95W (active).  The BIWIN product page for the C8636 can be viewed here.

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