Asus To Release RAIDR Express SSD Line

Asustek Computer appears to be preparing to bring its own line of SSDs to market, possibly as early as May of this year.  The RAIDR Express series will be marketed through Asustek’s ROG (Republic of Gamers) branding.  By releasing its own line of SSDs, Asustek hopes to promote its full line of ROG-branded products, including motherboards, graphics cards, and accessories.  Better product compatibility and consistency will help Asustek support its lead n the upper-tier PC retail channel.  With a lot of fluctuation in SSD pricing of late, this could also give Asustek more flexibility and price negotiation ability for SSD purchasing.


As far back as June of 2012, at a Computex press conference, the ROG RAIDR was shown as a special ‘concept device.’  At that time it was anticipated to have ‘multiple’ SSDs internally set up in RAID0, and a thunderbolt connection to the PC.  Then at CES in January of 2013, Asustek gave a sneak preview of the ROG RAIDR Express high-performance solid-state storage device for desktop PCs.


According to a DigiTimes article, the RAIDR Express line of SSDs will utilize a PCI express 2.0 interface, and will feature MLC flash from Toshiba.  The RAIDR Express series will also feature a built-in AHCI driver, and will support both UEFI and legacy BIOS systems.  Asustek’s SSD TweakIt, and ROG HybriDisk technologies will also be utilized to enhance both performance and longevity.


The RAIDR external SSD info page from Asustek can be viewed here; and the info page for the RAIDR Express PCIe version can be viewed here.



  1. The performance of this disk as a caching solution will largely be defined by the FNet Hybridisk software. Anyone have any reports on that? And how it compares to Dataplex.

  2. I can see this baby costing a buttload of money.

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