ADATA Hosts Production Factory Tour in China

Well, it has been a few days and we are finding much the same routine as before Computex, but we have to say that Computex was full of highlights this year.  For me personally, three top events have to be my visit to the China for a bit of sightseeing and the ADATA Factory Tour, trip down to the south end of Taiwan to the Fo Guang Shan Monastery via the 350km/h Taiwan High Speed Rail, as well as seating myself in a Ferrari F430 Spider for some great driving through Taipei streets.


Of the three however, my trip to China for the ADATA factory tour was the most meaningful as it meant, not only new friends but also, recognition of eastern values that we in the west seem to be missing out on thyese days; placing others before yourself is reward in itself.

ADATA Factory Tour 2014 Group Shot

Let’s start with the group and many new friends first off.  Our group consisted of a mix of reporters, ADATA customers, as well as ADATA employees, but with a worldwide reach.  As much as we felt that our flight was a bit long (14 hrs to Taiwan, 1.5 hrs to China), we couldn’t help but respect the fact that the group was carefully selected with people from countries to include England, France, Finland, USA, Canada, Russia…and even Indonesia.


Next up…our arrival at ADATA… On our approach to ADATA, we were met by a large number of employees anxious to introduce themselves and, if you might believe it, several saluting as we see here.  Although some might anticipate such, it was a totally unexpected greeting to China.

ADATA Factory Tour - GlobeOnce on the ground, we were provided with a bit of an introduction, the following video of which was included.  We felt it a valuable resource, as well as this ADATA PowerPoint that we were shown, that provides a great deal of information and elected to include it here:

Next up came the tour… As much as I was hoping to dig right into solid state drive production, this tour comprised of flash products in general, to include something we never expected, LED lighting.  LED lighting makes up a significant portion of ADATA business and, well, we never really imagined someone putting LED lights through water proof, dust, wind and longevity testing.

LED Lighting

In this particular picture, each of us were invited to step into this original looking sphere for some ‘tumble’ testing:

Integrity Sphere test Area

As we can see, I passed!


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    great stuff! how was the “tumble” testing?!

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