ADATA Displays 2TB SSD & New SF3700 ‘Griffin’ Notebook SSD – CES Las Vegas 2014 Update

Anyone who knows me can speak thoroughly on my innate ability to state the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Our afternoon visit to ADATA provided just an example.  Having earlier visited Avant/Mushkin, we were aware that there would be no groundbreaking news, or updated performance results, on the much awaited for LSI SandForce SF3700 controller, Codenamed Griffin.  Hoping sometime ago for that information to be available at CES, we made an appointment even before their suite setup was complete.  That would be I getting the shot in the mirror!


So anyway, I enter the suite stating, “Let me guess… LSI is still handcuffing everyone and not allowing any information release whatsoever with respect to the Griffin right?”  Just at that time, the LSI Application Engineer looked up at me smiling and stated, “Yup that would be  me”. A rather amusing, and embarrassing moment I must say!  For us storage lovers, this wait is a very difficult period…let’s go LSI!


On display however, were two examples of new ADATA products, the SP610 and SX930. The 610 shown above will be a SF3700 flash controller while the SX930 seen below just may be the world’s first consumer available 2TB SSD!  There will be plenty interested in this!


Last but not least, this photo below demonstrates the reasoning we aren’t seeing the Griffin controller in all of its glory just yet.  Notice the heat sink covering the SF3700 flash storage processor?

ADATA Heat Sink

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  1. blank

    Looks like they are not only dealing with fw dev. (why no one gets to see a write bench) as well as heat dissipation. As far as pci-e cards go, I wouldn’t mind a fat heatsink on the Griffin just for peace of mind…even if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

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