ADATA Announces 5.2.5 Firmware Update For SSDs With LSI SandForce SF-2200 Series Controllers

ADATA Technology, a leading producer of high performance NAND flash products and DRAM modules, is announcing the release of a firmware update, version 5.2.5, for ADATA SSDs that are equipped with LSI SandForce SF-2200 series controllers.  The models affected by this firmware update are:  SX910, SX900, SP900, SP800, S511, S510 and S396.

sx900 ssd

The new firmware update improves SATA stability, and optimizes TRIM completion behavior.  It also improves disk recovery ability in instances of improper, unsafe or unexpected shutdown.


Affected ADATA SSD owners/users who wish to update their ADATA SSD’s firmware can visit ADATA’s support page here and choose their corresponding SSD model.  Users will then download the compressed firmware 5.2.5 file, extract it, locate the executable file labelled as “ADATA_SF_FieldUpdater” and run it as administrator.


The ADATA press release on the 5.2.5 firmware update can be viewed in its entirety here.


  1. blank

    Could you guys test the new firmware and its trim behaviour ?

    Sandforce was always known to lose write performance when lots of uncompressible was writen to them. I wonder if this firmware fixes this.

  2. blank

    New fw will not help incompressible writes…that’s just the was SF works unless it’s running slc nand. Anyone know if this is a new rel from LSI that we’ll see coming from other makers as well?

  3. blank

    I have the ADATA Premier Pro SP900 ,the boot times and the time it takes to shutdown are very slow compared to my old vertex 3 SSD.

  4. blank

    can i have it for Mac OSX?

  5. blank

    need it for my MacBook Pro late 2011, write speed is only 168 🙁

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