845DC Pro SSD Price Leaked During Samsung Q&A – Samsung SSD Global Summit 2014

A few Samsung 845DC Pro reviews popped up rather unexpectedly while most were sidetracked at the Samsung SSD Global Summit in Seoul, South Korea, yesterday, but the biggest news on the 845DC Pro was announced at the event… and a bit unexpectedly we think. Expect pricing of the Samsung 845DC Pro to be anywhere from $1.50 to $2.00/GB.

Unsoo Kim1

This was a statement made somewhat reluctantly by Unsoo Kim, Samsung SVP of Brand Marketing and his team during the conference Q&A session, and in responding to questions on that SSD.  Possibly overlooked by some, the ramifications of this are just what we spoke of in our 850 Pro SSD Review posted yesterday.

Samsung SSD Global Summit 20141

The Samsung 845DC Pro is the next in the line of the data center family, following our report of the 845DC EVO earlier this year.  Where the 845DC EVO is intended for intense read applications, the 845DC Pro craves those write intensive work environments were sustained performance is critical.  In our 850 Pro SSD report, we alluded to how Samsung’s introduction of the newest 3D V-NAND puts them in a somewhat precarious position of having a leg up on the competition, if there really is competition at this point, but this price point goes a step beyond.

Samsung 845DC Pro1

Samsung would definitely have scores of purchasers waiting for the 845DC Pro, even with a higher price point, but they haven’t. As much as they would never admit it, this is Samsung flexing their muscle and to the benefit of anyone wanting lower prices in their data center SSDs, with the latest and greatest features of 3D V-NAND technology of course.  We think an early morning e-mail we received from one of Samsung’s competitor’s sums things up best when they asked, “Are you absolutely sure?”


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    So… SAS interface? I can’t use SATA in anything I have in my DC. I’d be happy with 100GB drives. I need low latency and high IO, not capacity. Oh… and SAS.

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