2015 Samsung SSD Global Summit Commences

Once again this year, Samsung has brought together worldwide members of the press in Seoul, South Korea, for an announcement….and TSSDR is front and center.  This will occur at 2:00pm local time which will be a very early morning announcement for all of our North American fans. Traditionally, this particular event has been great news on the SSD sector of storage technology, for consumer, oem and enterprise. This is a quick shot of our invitational brochure…


For those familiar with M.2 SSDs, they will immediately recognize this as a PCIe x4 M.2 SSD and capable of amazing speeds.  A closer look displays same using Samsung’s newest 3D V-NAND technology:


Other than this picture, we have no news just yet and we are simply putting the SSD world on alert.  We all know that 2015 is the year of NVMe and we are also aware that previous Samsung SSD Global Summit’s have never failed to impress and leave their mark on the industry.  Might we be seeing a first Samsung NVMe M.2 consumer SSD?

Stay tuned!



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