Kingston’s 16% Market Share is #2 in Worldwide Channel for 2016

Kingston is announcing that they have been declared the shipper of the second-most solid-state drives (by units) to the worldwide channel in 2016, placing them at a 16% market share.  This information is based on data compiled by industry analysts Forward Insights, who has been researching and analyzing the non-volatile memory industry since 2008.  Forward Insights has been a key player in providing industry market analysis and information to a growing list of manufacturers that includes Kingston.

Kingston market share pie chartAccording to Ariel Perez, SSD business manager for Kingston, “The desire to switch to SSDs continues to grow as consumers and corporate customers alike see the performance benefits of upgrading from hard-disk drives.  For nearly 30 years, Kingston’s focus and core sales strength has been with our channel partners worldwide.  Our terrific relationship with them has helped make our SSD business grow globally since we shipped our first drive in 2009.  The latest results from Forward Insights help validate these efforts and we certainly share this success with our channel partners.”

Kingston market share announcement 2016 mainForward Insights indicates that a total of 63 million SSDs were shipped worldwide in the channel in 2016, with Kingston accounting for nearly 10.1 million units.  This represents a 16% market share, and places Kingston at #2 in the global market, and shows Kingston’s strong growth as a leading supplier of SSDs.  The worldwide sales channel consists of distributors, resellers, retail/e-tail, solutions providers and system builders.

Kingston market share announcement 2016 releaseGregory Wong, president and principal analyst for Forward Insights, states that “Our research showed third-party SSD manufacturers accounted for 60 percent of all channel shipments last year as a number of the semiconductor-based vendors de-emphasized their channel business.  Although under allocation since mid-Q2 2016, channel shipments as a whole remained strong and Kingston was one of the top leaders in this category.”

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  1. blank

    Real surprise when you consider they beat Intel/Micron combined,
    and Toshiba/Sandisk combined.
    I have always liked Kingston memory products-they just seem to work.
    But have always avoided their SSD’s as there’s generally something
    better for the same price………………

    • blank

      Agreed. After their sleazy V300 fiasco it will take another 30 years for me to purchase anything from Kingston. Especially when there are plenty of other options to choose from there is no need to reward them with my money.

    • blank

      I still have 3 ssdnow v3oo. Just as fast now as the day I bought them.Of course
      I bought them before the nand switch fiasco

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