Texas Memory Systems Introduces RamSan-720

Texas Memory Systems has announced their latest SAN offering, the RamSan-720, a flash storage system that is primarily for server systems.

A new feature to the RamSan line is its high-availability features, that protect the system from failure. The key here is to eliminate any one source of failure.

There are several approaches to this with the new device, utilizing several redundant components and failover capabilities.

The RamSan-720 offers new system-wide high availability due to TMS 2D Flash RAID technology and redundant components throughout the system. The 2D Flash RAID technology incorporates chip-level Flash RAID within each Flash module, plus centralized system-level RAID across Flash modules. In the unlikely event that chip-level RAID fails, then system-level RAID across Flash modules will correct the failure. As with all TMS Series-7 products, chip-level Flash RAID is augmented by patented Variable Stripe RAID (VSR) technology to automatically bypass failed Flash devices.

The system also uses redundant data paths from the SAN interfaces through dual RAID controllers, using dual-ported SLC flash modules. There are also two integrated power supplies, along with the requisite batteries for power loss protection.  Boasting 5Gb/s speeds, 400,000 IOPS and ultra low latency, this version is an enhanced revision of the RamSan-710.

The RamSan-720 will be available in January of 2012 with a $120,000 price tag for 6TB and $240,0000 for a 12TB system. The official press release follows.

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