Tegile, Cisco, and VMware VDI FlashPack Bundle Revealed at Cisco Live 2013, Features Tegile Zebi HA2100 Hybrid Storage Array

We have been documenting the recent advancements of the partnership between Tegile Systems, Cisco, and VMware for the past few months. While the joint parties have been revealing reference designs and architectures, it is today that they finally reveal their work at Cisco Live – an event at the  Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, taking place from June 23-27.

FlashPack is a server/network/storage package that dramatically lowers capacity and CPU utilization requirements in VDI environments, freeing up more resources to accelerate I/O performance.  The combination of Cisco Unified Computing System B200 M3 servers, Cisco Nexus Switching 5000 series platform and VMware View 5.1 featuring VMware vSphere 5 with the Tegile Zebi HA2100 hybrid storage array utilizing in-line deduplication and compression significantly reduces the amount of storage required to host virtual desktops – an 83 percent capacity savings versus other vendors’ compression-only solutions.

tegile systems zebi cisco vmware flashpack (1) tegile systems zebi cisco vmware flashpack (1)

“After successfully testing our reference architecture to prove its capacity, performance and cost benefits in VDI environments, we are excited to premiere the solution as part of the Unified Data Center at this year’s Cisco Live event,” said Rob Commins, vice president of marketing, Tegile Systems.  “The performance and economic advantages that customers can realize by implementing a VDI solution like FlashPack that incorporates both in-line deduplication and compression as part of its storage component are quite frankly staggering.  This is a solution that dovetails nicely with Cisco’s concept of the Unified Data Center.”

In addition to showcasing FlashPack, Tegile will also be featuring its line of Zebi hybrid storage arrays which leverage the performance of SSD and low cost per TB of high capacity disk drives to deliver up to seven times the performance, and up to 75 percent less capacity required than legacy arrays. Zebi hybrid arrays combine Tegile’s patented MASS technology with high performance DRAM, solid state flash, Intel Xeon processors and high speed Ethernet or Fibre Channel, resulting in higher capacity and significantly higher performance. Maximizing capacity, on-the-fly deduplication and data compression enable more hosted virtual desktops for a lower investment in storage and network infrastructure.


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