BIOSTAR Announces G300 Series of SSDs Geared Towards Gamers and Power Users

BIOSTAR, a Taiwanese producer of motherboards, mini-PCs, graphics cards and gaming accessories, is announcing entry into the SSD arena with the launch of their new G300 series of solid-state drives (SSDs),  which are geared towards gamers and power users.

BioStar SSD G300 bannerSSDs continue to grow in popularity as the preferred storage option for gamers’ PCs, as the benefits over an HDD are enormous – boot times are significantly decreased, games and levels load much faster and overall system responsiveness is much improved.  Although all SSDs offer improved performance over mechanical hard disk drives, not all SSDs are created equal.  BIOSTAR has chosen to focus on gamers and power users for its first SSD offerings, and the G300 series is designed from the ground up to be an ideal storage solution for gaming.

BioStar SSD G300 angled front view 2BIOSTAR integrates a high-speed DDR3 cache into its G300 SSDs, which helps facilitate rapid access.  The G300 series also utilizes the popular Silicon Motion SMI2256 NAND controller, as well as power management ICs designed by and sourced from Texas Instruments to provide stability and low power consumption.

BioStar SSD G300 package and 480GB front 2BIOSTAR utilizes a “U.F.O. Design Concept”, as well as their “6-U Design” in producing the G300 series of SSDs.  The U.F.O. Design Concept promotes Unique Design, Flexibility, and Optimized performance.  The 6-U Design include these design aspects – Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Stable, Ultra-Durable, Ultra Power-Saving and Ultra Premium.

BIOSTAR G300 specs 2BIOSTAR is offering the new G300 series in three capacities – 120GB with an MSRP of $44 (US), 240GB with an MSRP of $66 (US), and 480GB with an MSRP of $140 (US).  All capacities are rated for sequential read speeds of up to 550MB/s, and sequential write speeds of up to 480MB/s (120GB-470MS/s).  The G300 has a tad thinner profile than a standard 2.5” form factor SSD at 6.8mm thick as opposed to the standard 7mm.  Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems are all supported.  For more information, you can visit BIOSTAR’s product page for the G300 series here.


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