VisionTek High Performance PC3-12800 8GB Kit Review @ Tweak Town

Pulling our VisionTek kit out of the package, we instantly notice that we’re not dealing with some cheap heatsink which is always a good start.

The heatsink itself is quite tall and like most companies who opt for this tall heatsink, it can cause problems with some large coolers, but most of the time you’re able to swing those coolers around or opt for the RAM in slots 2 and 4 which sit a little further from the CPU cooler.

Getting into specifics, we’re dealing with two 4GB modules making up an 8GB kit that comes in at PC3-12800 or 1600MHz DDR. As you can see off the specification tag, we’re dealing with a CL8 kit, but the specifics on the timings are 8-8-8-24-1T @ 1.65v.

Full story at Tweak Town.

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