Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 120GB Solid State Drive Review @ Tweak Town

Today system wide performance increases come from high speed storage products and Mushkin is still using their knowledge to help enthusiasts make everything better, faster and more reliable. Unlike many SSD manufacturers, you can buy Mushkin products on their website directly from the company. Mushkin also has a network of  resellers, but in many cases the best prices come from Mushkin directly.

Because of this, Mushkin, the SSD  Company that you rarely hear about, has some of the lowest priced SandForce based drives available on the  market today.

Mushkin has jumped head first into the SF-2281 era and released two products on the market. The Chronos brand is a low cost offering and uses asynchronous flash with a SandForce SF-2281 controller. Today we are looking at the stepped up Chronos Deluxe model that uses the same SandForce SF-2281, but pairs it with premium 3Xnm Toshiba Toggle Mode Flash.

Full story at Tweak Town.

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