KIOXIA Shows Its Wares In an Amazing CES 2021 Virtual Debut

I might be getting a bit old but I miss the introductory handshake or hug of our traditional CES meetings along with the personal nature of one on one conversation.  We have entered a new era that isn’t changing anytime soon and we have no choice but to hang on for the ride and make the best of things right now. With that, this will be the first time in ten years or so that we are not in Las Vegas and enjoying the company of a quarter million or so people for CES.

On the upside, CES is the face of technology and we had to know it would eventual take on a virtual presence in some shape or another.  We couldn’t get a better start than was shown with our friends at the KIOXIA booth.  As unfortunate as it is that the general public doesn’t quite get the same first look that we have, it is actually very impressive to see a completely immersive experience where you can make your way around the booth, as well as chat or set up meetings within just a few keystrokes.


As a bit of a background,  KIOXIA today is yesterdays flash memory portion of Toshiba.  If you have been around for as long as I, you still have memories of OCZ Technology and the hard working people that made up OCZ, carried on to provide their expertise in Toshiba and KIOXIA today.  The name KIOXIA is derived from the Japanese work ‘kioku’ meaning memory, and the Greek word ‘axia’ meaning value. Let’s see what Kioxia has to offer…

KIOXIA XG7 PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 Client SSD

To start things, it’s only fair to acknowledge that KIOXIA is one of the top dogs in the business with their 96-Layer 3D BiCS4 NAND flash memory; that’s what they do best.  KIOXIA’s newest XG7 is their first PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD and it is based on their own proprietary NVMe controller architecture along with, you guessed it, 96-Layer BiCS NAND flash memory.


This SSD is of the M.2 form factor, uses the latest NVMe 1.4 protocol and is destined for client, workstation and next gen gaming applications.  It will be available in capacities ranging from 256GB to 4TB, and all capacities being single sided but for the 4TB version which will be double sided.  KIOXIA states that this SSD has 2 x sequential read speeds and 1.6x write and security for this SSD has TCG Pyrite 2.01 and self-encrypting TCG OPAL 2.01.


XFMEXPRESS is KIOXIA’s new form factor that will soon enough revolutionize ultra PC’s, IOT’s and embedded applications.  In laments terms, its the worlds smallest SSD that can be removed.  It uses the PCIe interface and is NVMe compliant. We had to dig up an old press deck for this one as we wanted all to understand exactly how this works:


The size of an XFMEXPRESS card is only 14mm x 18mm x 1.4mm and itadapts the size that current and future 3D flash memory can stack. As for performance, this little device can accommodate PCIe Gen 3 or for to theoretical speeds up to 8GB/s.

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