ADATA Reveals XPG 950 and Demos Latest NVMe SSDs in RAID – CES 2017 Update

In December, ADATA announced the first ever SSD to feature Micron’s latest 3D MLC NAND, Ultimate SU900, which is a huge announcement because Samsung will no longer be the only player in the market with 3D MLC NAND ( ie 850 PRO). Thanks to the high-density of this latest NAND, ADATA is able to bring to market capacities of up to 2TB in a 2.5mm 7mm form factor and deliver speeds of up to 560MB/s read and 525MB/s write. The SU900 is powered by an SMI 2258 controller and utilizes an SLC buffer for write performance and boasts quite the impressive endurance rating, up to 800TBW. To top it off it also comes with a 5-year warranty.


Alongside it was another new product, the XPG950. This latest addition to their XPG line-up is very similar to the Ultimate SU900, but is targeted towards the gaming crowd and maxes out at 960GB and features a Phison controller. It has similar specs, is built with Micron 3D MLC, and boasts a 5-year warranty too. In addition to these, we saw that they also launched an M.2 variant of the Ultimate SU800, which is the same as the 2.5″ model, just in an M.2 2280 form factor.

Finally, to top things off with ADATA’s internal SSD line-up we had a look at their top performing SSD, the SX8000. The SX8000 is a PCIe NVMe SSD that comes in a double-sided M.2 2280 form factor. With the use of 3D MLC NAND and an SMI2260 controller and SLC buffer programming, it is able to deliver speeds of up to 2500/1100MB/s read/write and 160K/140K IOPS read/write. It is available in capacities of 128GB to 1TB and there are two versions to choose from in terms of aesthetics. The one pictured features a custom heatsink with their XPG logo and blacked out design. It comes with a 5-year warranty just like their other XPG products so you know you can buy with confidence.


Additionally, they had a test system with two of them set up in a RAID 0 configuration which provided for over 4GB/s speeds!


Finally, we got to take a look at their latest external SSDs and SD cards. These include the SD700, SE730, and SC660H and SC620H drives. Some of which feature the latest 3D NAND just as their internal counterparts. Their latest SD 4.0 UHS-II cards looked to be very impressive. Designed for 8K video, yes, not 4K or 6K, but 8K, these V90 rated cards are able to deliver speeds of over 290MB/s read and at least 90MB/s write. Again, these are utilizing 3D NAND as well.

That’s it in terms of storage at the ADATA suite at CES 2017, be sure to stay tuned for more as we continue to wander about the event!

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