SNIA & Plexistor Demonstrate DDR4 NVDIMM – Storage Visions 2016 Update

On display at the Storage Networking  Industry Association (SNIA) was a demonstration of Plexistor’s software defined memory with Smart Modular technologies DDR4 NVDIMM, which compares the throughput and latency of an Intel 750 NVMe PCIe SSD to their DDR4 NVDIMM. SNIA also demonstrated their latest storage certification that allows you to further your knowledge of storage solutions to the SNIA standard.

SNIA Plexistor SV 2016 1

To replace the CompTIA Storage + certification, SNIA has brought forward their SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP) certification. We are told that it provides a foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials that integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications. The structure of the SNCP has been enhanced to reflect the recent advancement of storage technologies and to provide expanded offerings in the future.

SNIA Plexistor SV 2016 2

Running on a Linux-based system, we see the Intel 750 running at 8,902 IOPS, and the NVDIMM running at 651,481 IOPS. Meanwhile, the DDR4 NVDIMM has 0 latency (according to the output of this benchmark), while the Intel 750 has 92 micro seconds.

SNIA Plexistor SV 2016 3

This DDR4 NVDIMM was paired up with a PCIe Supercap Module, which during a power low, the contents of the DRAM are automatically backed up to flash.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Storage Visions 2016 and the Consumer Electronics Show 2016.


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    Few comments:
    1. Plexistor software-defined memory (SDM) is software. The NVDIMM cards actually belong to SmartM in this demo
    2. Plexistor SDM is multi-tiered, so it consumes both NVDIMM and FLASH NVMe resources
    3. Latency is never zero 😉 it is 1-2 micro seconds for this bechmark

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