Patriot Shows Off Hellfire M.2 PCIe SSD – CES 2016 Update

Our adventure continues throughout CES as we and Technology X visited the Patriot suite to review their latest and greatest, especially when it comes to their storage division. We received a quick look at Patriot’s new M.2 PCIe SSD as well as a prototype of a new 2.5″ form factor SSD.


First up, the Hellfire. This M.2 PCIe Gen 3×4 SSD is listed to provide sequential read up to 2.5GB/s and sequential write up to 600 MB/s. It will be available in capacities ranging up to 480GB. We understand that the Hellfire will feature the Phison 5007 controller with MLC NAND. There was no word as of yet on pricing, but we can see this drive near the end of Q1.


Also, we were introduced to a prototype of a new 2.5? form factor SSD, the 1TB V860. This sleek red casing was empty, so we have no specifications on hardware or components. For more information on other products including memory and peripherals released from Patriot, check out Technology X.

Stay tuned for more coverage from CES 2016!

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