Karen Tokar

Believe it or not my interest in computers started before most of my generation even knew what one was. It was that interest and a move to Goose Bay, Labrador that began what would turn out to be a major turning point after the purchase of my first computer. The rest is history as they say.

Zalman ZM-NSP100 Portable Notebook Speaker Review @Hi Tech Legion

The Zalman ZM-NSP100 Clip On Notebook Speakers are designed to give your notebook a big boost in volume, clarity and sound field. The Zalman ZM-NSP100 speakers are not fixed mounted in a notebook, so positioning can be correct for you to get the most from your audio. Featuring 6 watts RMS total and two 30mm drivers, the ZM-NSP100 speakers can …

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Two Worlds II Review (PC) @ KITGURU GAMING

 Hands up if you like Oblivion: Elder Scrolls? If so, then Two Worlds II is going to certainly tickle your gaming taste buds. The game plays in a very similar manner, with wide open interactive worlds and addictive gameplay. Compared to the first, it is a huge improvement, but we arent sure if that is such a difficult task. For …

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CM Storm Strike Force SF-19 Laptop Cooler @ Benchmark Reviews

In recent years when people solicit my opinion about buying a computer they are increasingly asking about laptops as opposed to desktops. They are turning to laptops as an all-purpose computing, working, and entertainment platform. High-end graphics, 19″ screens and gigabytes of of bits can generate serious amounts of heat. But the vast majority of cooling options for laptops are …

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Nexus Prominent 9 – Premium Silent Case @ TechREACTION

The Nexus Prominent 9 is one of the top chassis for silent computing. With its tool-less installation features, its a breeze to install your components or change your setup. The Prominent 9 is also very sleek and professional looking compared to a lot of the other cases out there. This case could really be used anywhere, and the black mesh covering the front …

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The SSD Review @ CES – Day One Summary

Its about 7:30am and the start of Day 2 at CES and I am sitting in the room with very little sleep. For anyone who has never experienced CES or even Las vegas previously, much like I, there is simply no way to describe it. We began yesterday bright and early with registration at CES followed by our attendance at Storage …

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