Samsung 850 EVO SSD Review (120/500GB) – Showing Off 3D TLC V-NAND


For our power consumption testing, we have the drive connected to the system as a secondary drive. To record the wattage, we use an Amprobe AM-270 multimeter connected in line with the 5v power on our SATA power cable to the drive. The multimeter records the min/max amperage draw from the drive over our testing period.

We also record the drive’s sequential and random read and write power draw using Anvil Storage Utilities. We then take the values recorded and calculate the wattage of the drive. Some of the results may seem high compared to a standard notebook HDD because as these are peak values under load. When we see average power draw, SSDs are still more power efficient because they only hit max power for a short period of time.

Samsung 850 EVO power testing

When it comes to power consumption, the new MGX controller paired with 3D V-NAND is ridiculous. It is rated for a max of 50mW idle, 3.7W read, and 4.4W write. DevSleep is rated at 2mW for the 120GB-500GB capacities and the 1TB is rated for 4mW. When tested, these capacities were well within their rating.

Idle power draw with HIPM+DIPM enabled is only around 25-30milliwatts. That is about a tenth of what the Samsung 850 Pro draws at idle! 4K read and writes are also much lower. 4K read is only about 1-1.2W and write is about 1.2-1.3W. The most we have seen out of these drives is 2.055W for the 120GB capacity and 2.51W for the 500GB capacity.


First to release 3D MLC and TLC NAND under the product name of 3D V-NAND into the consumer marketplace, Samsung is definitely flexing their muscle. Boasting a lengthened warranty of five years from the previous three, Samsung is showing their confidence in the new 850 EVO’s endurance and reliability.

The Samsung 850 EVO SSD performed quite well throughout our testing. While most benchmarks demonstrated sequential speeds of over 500MB/s, we found significant improvement in the low 4K read performance, something not seen in any SSD prior, at least not enough to mention in any case. The new EVO reached an all-time high of 50MB/s for 4K read. No other consumer SATA drive can touch that. The new MGX controller is truly optimized for the everyday client computing experience.

Samsung 850 EVO-6

In our PC Mark 8 consistency testing, when compared to its brother, the 850 Pro from our review here, one can immediately see the performance difference and the reasoning as to why the 850 Pro is labeled “Pro.” There is over a 100% increase in degraded and steady state performance in Photoshop Heavy testing. So, if you are into a lot of creativity work, the Pro with its MLC 3D V-NAND will provide for a better overall experience.

In power testing, the drive passed with flying colors, staying well within specification and presenting us with a new level of low power consumption during idle. Overall, very impressive results with the new 850 EVO.

Samsung 850 EVO-5


Samsung’s new MGX controller and TLC 3D V-NAND has come together to form a very impressive little package that is the Samsung 850 EVO.  Based on our power testing results, the new Samsung 850 EVO is an ideal mobile SSD for large client deployments. Further, while steady state performance isn’t as good as its big brother, the new 850 EVO can still hold its own against the rest with its killer 4K read and write speeds and client workload performance. One of the only things we can put against this drive is its slightly relatively high MSRP. With other manufactures pricing their drives very competitively these days, Samsung will be trusting in their high customer satisfaction and brand image at these prices.

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A First Glance at 3D TLC

The Samsung 850 EVO is the first 3D TLC V-NAND drive on the market. With improvements over the 840 EVO line, such as enhanced endurance, lower power consumption, and some of the best 4K read speeds we have seen yet, the 850 EVO delivers users great performance and efficiency.

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