SuperTalent USB 3.0 Express Dram Disk Review – Simplicity With Ultra High Performance

For the first time in awhile, I am sitting here stunned at what I just learned, and experienced, in new technology.  Just as I could use words such as amazing, unbelievable and remarkable to describe the Super Talent USB 3.0 Express Dram Disk, I could also grab your attention telling you that the ST Dram Disk’s PCMark Vantage Total Point Score was 851915 with a top transfer speed of 5007MB/s.  Not believing this ourselves originally, we decided to move a 2.5GB 1080P video file to determine the transfer speed and it couldn’t be done as this file was transferred in tenth’s of a second, if not faster. Do we have your attention yet?

SuperTalent DramDisk Angled

The Super Talent Dram Disk is a USB 3.0 flash drive that, when installed in any Windows system, creates an ultra high-speed ram drive that works in tandem and syncs in the background with the flash drive itself. It is available in capacities of 8, 16 and 32GB and Amazon pricing now reflects prices of $12, $18 and $56.  Advertised performance is 5388MB/s read and 4041MB/s write, but we have reached performance speeds well above that in our benchmark software.

SuperTalent DramDisk Exterior FrontSuperTalent DramDisk Exterior Back

The SuperTalent Dram Disk is actually the second similar product released in the past few months that uses PC memory to significantly improve performance. The other, of course, is the Samsung EVO SSD which uses RAPID technology to significantly increase the SSDs file transfer speeds as well. Where the EVO uses memory to tackle the SATA 3 performance bottleneck, the Dram Disk does the same by eliminating the USB 3.0 bottle neck.  Super Talent accomplished this by having any data  that’s placed on the DRAM volume automatically sync to the flash drives volume in the background without the users knowledge.

Dram Disk Volume


Using memory, most commonly refered to as  ram disks, to improve system performance is not new by any means, however, lack of simplicity has kept this from becoming popular.  Super Talent has done very well here.  All that is required to get the Dram Disk functioning properly is inserting the flash drive and agreeing to the next few screens.  Once complete, you will find a new STT_VDisk drive on your system and an icon bundled with the rest on the right side of your task bar.

SuperTalent DRAMDisk User PanelThe Options screen allows you to select the size that you want for your Dram Disk, adjust the sync timing anywhere from 30 to 180 seconds, and has folder buttons for the USB and Dram volumes.  An interesting observation is that this, if the drive is pulled without hitting the Exit button, the user is given a 60 second window to reinsert and exit the Dram Disk properly before data risks being lost.